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More Than Heavy The Industries That Rely On Heavy-Duty Towing

Here in Ontario, you might have seen our trucks towing through town. You might have even seen some comical heavy-duty towing situations. Like a construction truck on a tow truck. And you might have had a question or two. To quote our best Jerry Seinfeld: “what’s the deal with heavy-duty towing?”

We’ve all seen those massive tow truck operators hauling around disabled vehicles that are the size of small houses. But have you ever stopped to think about the industries that rely on these behemoths? That’s what we’re here to explore today in our latest blog post.

Countless industries rely heavily on the indispensable service of heavy-duty towing in Ontario and elsewhere. From construction and shipping to transportation and oil and gas, it’s time for us to dive into how this invaluable asset helps keep these industries running smoothly! So strap in; let’s explore what makes heavy-duty towing in Ontario so essential.

What Are Super Heavy- and Heavy-Duty Towing?

towing near me ontario
Excavators would probably fall under the “specialty vehicles” box.

Before we start, let’s explore the basics of heavy-duty and super heavy-duty towing. It’s kinda like the difference between a large and saying “supersize me” in a McDonalds. But even that metaphor probably doesn’t do justice to the scale.

Heavy-duty towing is the practice of using powerful and specialized tow trucks to move large, heavy loads such as cars, boats, construction equipment, and other items. Heavy-duty trucks can carry vehicles from 5 to 20 tons.

Super heavy-duty towing is for vehicles even larger than that, such as buses and large trucks with loads over 20 tons. A ton is 2000 pounds, which means super heavy-duty tow trucks carry up to 40,000 pounds.

Super Or No, Which Industries Need a Heavy-Duty Tow?

Tow trucks can be seen all over the place, from towing away illegally parked cars to helping stranded motorists get to safety. But certain industries rely on heavy-duty towing to stay in business. We have a few to consider just below.

The Construction Industry

When large pieces of machinery like bulldozers, excavators, and cranes break down on job sites, they need to be moved to the repair shop. That’s where heavy-duty towing comes in. All of these vehicles weigh within that same 5-20 ton range. This means towing companies can provide a safe, cost-effective, and dependable towing service to get them to the repair shop.

The Shipping Industry

It’s true, the shipping industry needs the heavy-duty towing industry as well. With freight trucks weighing over 20 tons and seeing so many miles of road, they need to be moved safely to their destination. But it’s not just on the road, it’s also on the rails. Freight trains and locomotives need to be transported to their destinations, and super heavy-duty towing to the rescue once again!

There’s also the naval towing industry, with its own specialized towboats required to move container ships. Container ships are some of the largest boats in the world, and the Port of Los Angeles sees hundreds of them every week. Now there is something to be said about having a naval towboat division. But considering we’re in Ontario, 50 miles away from the Port of Los Angeles, that investment might have to wait.

The Transportation Industry

tow truck ontario
Sometimes utilities need a lift too!

The transportation industry has to cover a lot of ground to get its vehicles to the right place. But if those vehicles break down in transit, heavy-duty towing can be there to pick them up and move them to safety. Heavy-duty tow trucks are specially designed to haul commercial buses and other forms of transit to their destination.

Fossil Fuel Industry

From oil to natural gas to coal, these industries rely on heavy-duty towing to transport some of their biggest and heaviest equipment. Huge tanks and other equipment used to move around oil, gas, or coal all require specialized tow trucks to move to their destinations. Without heavy-duty towing, these industries would struggle to get the job done.

Government Agencies

Finally, government agencies also rely on heavy-duty towing companies to help with their operations. From moving large pieces of equipment to providing support services during emergencies, tow trucks are essential to many government organizations. Whether it’s towing away discarded cars or clearing large vehicles from the road, heavy-duty towing services can be the difference between success and failure.

Pepe’s Towing Is Here For Heavy-Duty Industries in Ontario

So there you have it: heavy-duty towing is an essential service for many different industries, including construction, shipping, transportation, fossil fuel, and government agencies. And when they need a commercial towing fleet in Ontario, they don’t have to look any further than the professionals at Pepe’s Towing. By offering reliable and efficient towing services to all of these industries, Pepe’s is helping keep the wheels of progress moving.

But it’s not just heavy-duty towing problems; regular and specialty vehicle owners can enjoy our quick service and competitive rates. Owners of most small business vehicles can also benefit. So if you’re ever stuck on the side of the road with an issue, the towing pros at Pepe’s have you covered. And now you know what the deal is with heavy-duty towing. All we have to say is Jerry Seinfeld would be proud.

Want to know more about Pepe’s Towing or need an emergency lift? Contact us via our website or call us at (951) 396-3888.

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More Than Heavy The Industries That Rely On Heavy-Duty Towing

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