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All You Need To Know About Towing

For many people, getting your car towed is one of the worst experiences you can have on the road. Although towing companies provide a lot of security and convenience, getting your parked vehicle towed is commonly considered to be not only costly but also inconvenient, frustrating, and even demeaning. But what exactly is towing, and what do towing companies do with your vehicle? In this blog post, we will tell you all you need to know about vehicle towing. 

What is towing?

Towing is the practice of pulling or pushing a vehicle with another vehicle for transportation purposes. The most common tows are automobiles being pulled by another automobile, but tow trucks are also used to pull motorcycles, medium-sized trucks, buses, and semi-trailers. A tow truck driver will typically remove the car from a particular location after an accident or other incidents. This will come with towing equipment such as tow hooks and tow ropes. The towed vehicle may be moved to the side of the road or brought to a body shop for repairs. Towing can also be done as part of regular traffic management on major roads to assist with traffic flow.

Why does a vehicle get towed?

There are many reasons why a vehicle gets towed. These include:

-Some form of a car accident has occurred, and the driver wishes to avoid traffic hazards by moving the disabled car away from the impact site

-The car is illegally or improperly parked on private property and needs to be removed

-The vehicle is stuck and can’t be driven out of its location

-A vehicle has broken down on the road and needs to be moved for safety purposes.

-Towing is also used as a traffic management measure to remove illegally or improperly parked vehicles from the roads and direct traffic around incidents such as construction and accidents.

What happens when my vehicle is towed?

When a vehicle is towed, it will be brought to a particular place of storage where the car owner can retrieve it. This may be an official impound yard or a parking lot managed by a third-party contractor. Usually, a fee must be paid before you can pick up your vehicle from storage. The exact amount will depend on the laws and procedures in your particular state or county. There may also be fees for towing and storage plus a separate administration fee.

How can I get back my towed vehicle?

To retrieve your towed vehicle, you must first pay the fees necessary to release it. The exact amount will depend on the laws and regulations in your state or county. They may also include other administrative costs, storage charges for every day your car is kept in storage, plus a fee for towing. Once you have paid these fees, you should then be able to pick up your vehicle.

Where can I find my towed vehicle?

Sometimes, your car may get towed when you are not around. If this is the case, you have to determine where your vehicle was taken before starting the retrieval process. Typically, the tow vehicle company should leave you with a receipt with all the details, but if this didn’t happen, check the following areas:

Local tow yard

If a local tow company is towing your car, they will most likely take it to their impound yard. These are often located on the outskirts of your town, so if you can’t spot your vehicle on the roadside near where you abandoned it, this is probably where it has been taken. The location of these yards can vary depending on the company, your location, and how busy they are.

Check your local police department

If you have a police report or photo of the accident that led to your car being towed, this will help them provide more accurate information about where your vehicle is.

Check the police impound yard

The police will sometimes take towed vehicles to their impound yard, which may be another good starting point for tracking your car down. In some cases, they may contact you before towing your vehicle if there are extenuating circumstances, such as a potential public safety hazard.

Towing Companies Moreno Valley

Search the Police auctions

There are many police auctions where cars that have been impounded are sold to the highest bidder. Check whether your area holds these public auctions or check out USA government seized property auctions. This usually doesn’t happen right away. Towing companies usually provide you with enough time to retrieve your vehicle.

Check third party impounds

If none of the above locations can help you track down your car, a third-party contractor may have towed it away. These towing companies usually have a commercial contract with the property owner or local government to seize vehicles illegally parked on their property. If you don’t retrieve your vehicle and pay all the fees on time, they will then sell them to the highest bidder at auction, so you may need to check whether there were any relevant auctions in your area around the time your car was towed. 

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How much does towing cost?

Many factors dictate how much the tow will cost. On average, most towing services charge a flat fee may also be charged for shorter distances, plus a base rate for every mile traveled to the impound yard.

Where do towed vehicles go?

Depending on the state and company towing your vehicle, it may be towed to a local tow yard or impound lot. This is especially likely if you were in an accident and your car needs further inspection. 

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All You Need To Know About Towing

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