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Roadside Assistance Fontana

Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance FontanaAccidents don’t wait until you’re ready for them. Roadside assistance in Fontana can be a necessity. When you need it you want to know service will be prompt, affordably priced, and that the vehicle sent can safely handle yours. Fontana has relied on the towing experts at Pepe’s Towing for over 30 years.

Our fleet has grown to over 80 trucks for light to heavy-duty towing. We provide our customers with 24/7 assistance. As one of the largest companies in the area, our technicians are never far away. Don’t wait any longer, experienced help is just around the bend.

The assistance you need for the vehicle you drive.

  • Motorcycle Towing: Two-wheeled vehicles need assistance too. The larger the engine, the heavier the bike. If you can’t get access to a friend with a trailer, a tow truck is your next best option. We’ll treat your motorcycle with care, properly securing it and getting you where you want to be.
  • Car Towing: Cars aren’t created equally. From 2 seat sports cars to 12 seat minivans, weight and size can vary greatly. Our fleet is diverse, and we can transport whatever you drive irrespective of weight or length. We’ll ask the right questions so we can send out the right truck for the job. That guarantees assistance and makes the job a snap.
  • Truck Towing: Trucks fill a number of purposes. From racing to hauling and off-road driving, they come in every size and shape. Different drive types mean loading a truck has to be done correctly. Our tow truck rates make our services the affordable way to get your truck home or to your local garage.

Local Towing and Roadside Assistance

Roadside Help FontanaLocal doesn’t just mean knowing Fontana, it means getting you there quickly. Our drivers always take the shortest route, and if there are any constraints like steeply angled or curvy roads we know and avoid them. That helps us lower our tow truck rates and gets you to your destination sooner. With the capabilities you want from reliable equipment, don’t ask your phone for “towing near me,” next time you need help. Just call or contact Pepe’s Towing, because we’re always ready to assist, and always close at hand. We also provide roadside assistance in Colton, Moreno Valley, Ontario, Riverside, and San Bernardino.

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